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These 7 South Superstars know not only how to earn money but also how to donate, they run NGOs


The superstars of South Industry have worldwide popularity. His films are running everywhere and are making a place in the hearts of the fans. But apart from films, there is another big reason why South’s superstars are liked.

These 7 South Superstars know not only how to earn money but also how to donate, they run NGOs

South Superstars NGOs: Even when the stars of South Industry had not become popular all over the world, the craze of their loyal fans was visible. This craze of fans used to surprise everyone. But there are many reasons behind the craze that is seen about South’s superstars. One of the major reasons is that South’s superstars don’t just know how to earn money, they are always ready to help people. Many stars have their own NGO as well. Come let’s know about those stars of South who run their own NGO and do social service.

Long lived- South’s Megastar Chiranjeevi’s name is taken with great respect in South Cinema. By the way, his fan following has been there for a long time even among the Hindi audience. Chiranjeevi’s films come on TV even today, so people watch them with full enjoyment. There is another reason to like Chiranjeevi and that is his charitable nature. The actor started an NGO in the year 1998, which he named Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust. Through this, he inspires fans to donate blood and he himself is a regular blood donor. He had helped people a lot even during the Corona period.

Mahesh babu- Mahesh Babu is the chocolate star of South and his fan following is spread all over the country. He is one of the most liked stars on social media. Although he does not have any NGO of his own, but if reports are to be believed, he is associated with the Heal a Child Foundation and donates 30 percent of his earnings to this foundation, which is a big deal.

Mohan LalMohanlal has dominance in South Industry. The actor is considered one of the finest actors. They are also seen doing the work of understanding service. He runs an NGO by the name of Vishwashanti Foundation. He has named this foundation after his parents Viswanathan Iyer and Shantakumari. Even during Kovid, this NGO had helped the needy a lot.

Bow- The helping nature of Dhanush, who made his fans crazy by working in a film like Raanjhanaa, is not hidden from anyone. They do not miss any opportunity to help the needy from their side. There are many such stories when Dhanush’s generosity was seen. When choreographer Shiv Shankar was fighting the war against Corona in the year 2021, Dhanush was the first person to extend a helping hand. Apart from this, in the year 2017, when 125 farmer family members had committed suicide, Dhanush helped their family members with Rs 50,000. Apart from this, when actor-singer Paravai Muniamma’s health deteriorated, Dhanush donated Rs 5 lakh.

Radiance- Bahubali fame actor Prabas is very good at heart and this is the reason that whoever comes under his influence becomes his fan. They also keep contributing in the works of donation. The actor donated an amount of Rs 20 lakh for the victims of the Hudhud cyclone. Apart from this, he was also seen helping people during the Corona period.

Allu Arjun- There are many things to be seen about Pushpa fame Allu Arjun’s wealth and net worth. Apart from this, people also want to know about his lifestyle. But this aspect of the actor is rarely mentioned. Although Allu does not run any NGO, but he continues to contribute in charity works. In the joy of his film being a super hit at the box office, he donates a part of his fee. Even when he won the Brain of Andhra TV program, he donated the winning amount. Apart from this, he donated 20 lakh rupees for the victims of Hudhud cyclone.

Ram Charan- RRR fame Ram Charan and his wife Upasana also never back down from charity work and consider it as their responsibility. Couples keep donating for ‘Save a Child’s Heart’. During their wedding, the couple had requested fans and relatives to donate to an NGO instead of giving them gifts.

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