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The snob of Prince Harry’s visit to London was the ‘last straw’ for King Charles

The snob of Prince Harry's visit to London was the 'last straw' for King Charles
The snob of Prince Harry’s visit to London was the ‘last straw’ for King Charles

Prince Harry’s strained relationship with his father, King Charles, was heightened when he released his explosive memoir, Spare.

Although things are not looking good for their relationship, there was speculation of a potential reconciliation between the father-son duo when the duke made a surprise visit to London.

Royal expert, Daniela Elser wrote in her column for news.com.au that may not be the case.

The Duke of Sussex has arrived for a preliminary hearing in his case brought against Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) for unlawful news gathering, which the publisher denies.

Elser claimed that “things really got worse for Charles” not only when he discovered that “his son had decided to go out on his own turf, but his son demonstrated his persistent refusal not to waste an opportunity to go after the royal family.”

In a witness statement entered into the court file, the Duke alleged that “the Institution undoubtedly hid information” from him “for a long time” about the phone hacking.

Harry also mentioned in his statement that he was “conditioned to accept” the policy of “never complain, never explain”.

Elser argued that one thing that is different from other times is Charles’ reaction.

She said: ‘Almost immediately after the news of Harry’s return to London was announced on Twitter, the Telegraph reported that Her Majesty was ‘too busy’ to see her son, quite a hard line to swallow given that last minute. canceled by the French.

Elser added that now a friend of the monarch has revealed that Harry’s decision to drag his family into his legal fight “feels a lot like the last straw for Her Majesty”.

Speaking to The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes, the friend said: ‘Harry torpedoed every bridge left with that statement. There are only six weeks left until the coronation and the last thing Charles needs.

The friend also told Sykes that “trust has gone and I think that was clearly indicated by the king’s refusal to meet him”.

Elser speculated that the Royal Family may have failed Prince Harry, but the Duke and his wife Meghan Markle aren’t without fault given their explosive Netflix docuseries followed by memoir. “Yes, the Royals may have let him down, especially as a grieving child, but since now he’s been letting them down too.”

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