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The ‘Shadow and Bone’ star opens up about season 2


shadow and bone Star Ben Barnes is promoting his character, The Darkling, ahead of the arrival of season two.

Talk to TVLineTHE narnia The actor weighed in on his character’s psyche that he feels “rejected and alone”, especially after Alina Starkov rejected his joint decision offer.

“While he’s the evil, toxic, wicked presence that bubbles up throughout Season 2, he also feels betrayed, abandoned, rejected, and alone — unloved at this point, even by his own mother,” a- he added.

“He justifies the way he is, even if it’s not possible for someone else. In the first season, he has all these different weapons in terms of army, charm and manipulation abilities.

In the second season, it all went out the window, and he’s even angrier,” the actor said.

The synopsis for the new episode read, “Alina is determined to bring down the Shadow Fold and save Ravka from ruin. But this time, General Kirigan is backed by a terrifying new army of seemingly indestructible ghost monsters and fearsome new Grisha recruits.

Even a few battle scars on the face cannot stop this Darkling’s anger. To stand a chance against him, Alina and Mal must rally their powerful new allies and begin a journey across the continent to find two mythical creatures that will amplify his powers.

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