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The reception given to Prince Edward shows that the SNP is losing the thread?


People are reacting to the SNP leader’s remarks that Scotland will give up on the monarch.

SNP leader Humza Yousaf has said Scotland could abandon the monarchy within five years of leaving the UK.

Yousaf said he wanted the country to quickly consider replacing the king with an elected head of state, should it become independent.

His remarks were criticized by thousands of royal fans online.

“Looking at the support of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh yesterday, I would say the SNP are losing the plot if they want to abandon the monarchy,” one user said.

User Allexmarie Holland wrote: “The Monarchy will go on and survive with or without Scotland’s support. It would however be sad because Scotland is part of our UK. It’s a shame the SNP chooses to create division and hatred.”

TV presenter Piers Morgan also criticized the SNP leader’s remarks.

Morgan said, “The monarchy keeps our sense of nationhood and patriotism separate from politics.”

He added: “It gives us a reason to come together and love our country, its traditions and its identity that is above the venom of daily debates.”

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