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The real reason King Charles ‘strongly’ needed to meet Nelson Mandela: Prince Harry


King Charles has planned a work trip with Prince Harry to see Nelson Mandela and the Spice Girls.

The Duke of Sussex, in his memoir, shares how crucial the meeting was for his father, who wanted to regain popularity with the public following the death of Princess Diana.

Harry writes in ‘Spare’: “Dad announced that he would be taking me with him on a planned work trip. To South Africa. South Africa, Pa? Truly? Yes, my darling boy. Johannesburg. He had a meeting with Nelson Mandela… and the Spice Girls?

” I didn’t understand. I’m not sure dad wanted me to get it. The truth was that Pa’s staff hoped that a photo of him alongside the world’s most revered political leader and the world’s most popular female musical act would earn him some badly needed positive headlines. Ever since Mom disappeared, he had been wild. He was blamed for the divorce and therefore everything that followed. His approval rating around the world was in the single digits,” Harry noted.

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