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The prosecutor will announce his decision on Thursday


A U.S. prosecutor investigating the fatal shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin’s movie “Rust” will announce his decision to charge the actor on Thursday.

Baldwin was holding the Colt. 45 during rehearsals for the film upon its release, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza in October 2021.

The former ’30 Rock’ star insisted the crew told him the gun was unloaded.

He has also previously said he did not pull the trigger, although experts have questioned that claim.

A lengthy investigation looked into how live ammunition – and five others – arrived on the New Mexico film set, with the focus on the gunsmith and ammunition supplier.

Investigators found that the gunsmith, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, had put the fatal bullet in Baldwin’s gun, instead of using a similar-looking dummy bullet.

Mary Carmack-Altwies, the district attorney for the part of New Mexico where the film was filmed, and the special prosecutor appointed to investigate the case, Andrea Reeb, will announce their decision Thursday, according to a statement.

This will come more than two months after the county sheriff’s office released its report on the incident.

Officials said last year that up to four people – including Baldwin – could face charges.

“Regardless of the district attorney’s decision, the announcement will be a solemn occasion, made in a manner consistent with the office’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the judicial process and respecting the victim’s family,” said said a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office.

In August, Baldwin said he did not believe he would be charged, telling CNN he had hired a private investigator to assess possible guilt.

A series of civil lawsuits were filed in the months following Hutchins’ death, with various crews suing and counter-pursuing.

In October, Baldwin reached an undisclosed settlement with the family of Hutchins, 42.

It was also announced at the time that production on the low-budget film would restart this year.

Widower Matthew Hutchins, who will become executive producer, said “all the main original actors” would return to the set.

“Rust” director Souza said he would dedicate his work on the film “to honoring Halyna’s legacy and making her proud.”

“While certainly bittersweet, I am happy that together we are now finishing what Halyna and I started,” he said.

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