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The prequel to “It” minus Bill Skarsgård

The prequel to “It” minus Bill Skarsgård

Bill Skarsgård is not returning as the notorious clown in Stephen King’s He prequel Welcome to Derby.

During an interview with Jake’s catchesthe actor has confirmed he won’t be returning as the dreaded clown.

“Right now I’m not participating,” adding, “If anyone else can do it, my advice would be: do it yourself. Do it yourself. Have fun with it. What I found enjoyable about this character was how abstract he was.”

The 32-year-old originally appeared as Pennywise in Stephen King’s 2017 adaptation. It’s the first chapter.

The Swedish actor received critical acclaim for his performance and reprized the character in the 2019 sequel, It’s chapter two.

The film also stars Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough, the leader of Derry’s group of children, also known as the Losers Club, whom the supernatural Pennywise hunts.

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