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‘The Mummy’ Star Brendan Fraser Talks The Consequences Of Filming Action Scenes

‘The Mummy’ Star Brendan Fraser Talks The Consequences Of Filming Action Scenes

The Mummy Actor Brendan Fraser has revealed the consequences of doing stunts and action scenes for ten years while filming the three movies.

Fraser, 54, who ruled the 90s as one of cinema’s leading action stars, is currently going through a renaissance affectionately dubbed ‘Brenaissance’, by fans as he gave a stellar performance of foreground in The whale.

His role as Rick O’Connell in The Mummy (1999) won praise from the public. The actor now talks about the amount of physical labor required for the role and how it took a huge toll on his body long after filming was completed.

Fraser shared his experience in a recent interview with The telegraph where he detailed how he felt the need to perform his own stunts to The Mummy films in order to justify the huge salary he earned for the role.

He said: “I was a bit banged up after years of doing my own stunts and needed a surgical fix on my spine and hinges. And it cost me a lot. I knew I would get better, but it took time.”

“Every morning I would get ready like a gladiator with duct tape and ice packs, strapping on this Transformer-like exoskeleton just to walk across the stage,” he added.

The huge impact on his health required several surgeries to bring him back into shape, including a partial knee replacement, a spinal procedure called a lumbar laminectomy, as well as surgery on his vocal cords.

All of these procedures were done over the years during filming.

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