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The first lady of the United States could be sent to attend the coronation of King Charles


US President Joe Biden will not attend King Charles’ coronation in May, a report in British media has said.

The Telegraph reported that Biden should “not expect” to make the trip to the UK. Eager to prevent any perception that this is a snub from Mr Biden, First Lady Jill Biden could be sent to attend the coronation instead.

An article in TIME last month said US President Joe Biden is not expected to attend King Charles’ coronation on May 6.

“This does not look like an event Joe Biden will be attending,” said a White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss Binden’s plans for King Charles’ coronation.

Journalist Omid Scobie took to Twitter to share a screenshot of an independent article about the Cop26 climate conference published in November 2021 and wrote: “I wonder if this has anything to do with it “.

The story, titled ‘Shocked Camilla couldn’t stop talking about hearing ‘Joe Biden breaking the wind’ at Cop26 Glasgow’, suggested the then Duchess of Cornwall was critical of the US president.

The story read: “Boris Johnson may have hailed Joe Biden as ‘a big breath of fresh air’ – but it looks like the events of the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow may have given the Duchess of Cornwall, on some level, grounds for disagreement.”

He said the US president met Camilla and various other senior royals at a reception at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery to mark the summit’s opening night, which was attended by world leaders.

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