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The decision to ‘prosecute’ Meghan Markle was ‘vehemently’ opposed by King Charles


Meghan Markle was arrested by King Charles and Prince William as she decided to sue the media for leaking a private letter to her father.

The Duchess of Sussex was told there was no point in hitting back after the outlet exposed her cries to dad.

Harry writes: “Meg wanted to press charges. So did I. On the contrary, we both felt we had no choice. If we didn’t prosecute for this, we said, what kind of signal would that send? To the press? To the world” So we spoke again with the palace lawyer. We were given a sleight of hand. I contacted Papa and Willy. “

He added: “They had both sued the press in the past for invasions and lies. Pa sued for the so-called Black Spider Letters, his notes to government officials. Willy sued for topless photos of Kate. But both of them vehemently opposed Meg and I are taking legal action. Why? I asked. They hummed and hashed. The only answer I could get from them was that it was just not advisable. The thing done, etc. I said to Meg: You would think we were suing a dear friend of theirs.”

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