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‘Thank God I have a sister’


Elle Fanning adorably honored her sister Dakota on her 29th birthday on Thursday, February 23.

Taking to Instagram, Elle Fanning has posted a slew of photos with her sister Dakota Fanning over the years.

According daily mail, One of them included the girls standing near a character in childhood costume.

Elle Fanning Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Sister Dakota on Her 29th Birthday: Thank God I Have a Sister

Another snap showed Elle in a hot pink mini dress as Dakota looked on horrified at a crazy party.

Elle Fanning Pays Tribute to Sister Dakota in Sweet Birthday Message: I Couldn’t Live Without You

She wrote, “It’s that February time again. My sister in law’s birthday. And the last of its kind…29th year!”

THE All bright places The actress continued, “I wish we were celebrating Mars 2112 tonight, partying with your kind, but alas, you’ll have to put up with mere mortals for now, HACKS included.”

Calling her sister by her middle name, Cody, She added, “We had a moment last year, sitting on the couch and we looked at each other and you said, ‘Thank God I have a sister. “I couldn’t live without you, Cody! I love you.”

Check the message below:

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