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‘Tere Baap Ka Naukar Hoon Kya’ – Archana-Stan clash with each other, fight reaches parents


Bigg Boss 16 Archana Guatam Mc Stan Fight: There was a fierce fight between Archana Gautam and MC Stan in Bigg Boss house. An argument started in the house regarding work, after which Stan angrily says that I am not your father’s servant?

'Tere Baap Ka Naukar Hoon Kya' - Archana-Stan clash with each other, fight reaches parents
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Bigg Boss 16 Episode 95 Updates: in Bigg Boss 16 house Archana Gautam Nothing less than a bomb. Can’t tell when Archana will burst on whom and when she will clash with whom. On New Year, Archana had taken a resolution not to fight in the house. development before and Shaleen Bhanot to quarrel with Salman Khan Have reprimanded Archana. Due to her quarrel, Archana Gautam has been thrown out of the house once, but now on the third day of the new year, Archana has lost her temper. There was fierce tu-tu, main-main between Archana Gautam and MC Stan. The fight of both has once again heated up the atmosphere of the house.

Stan and Archana Gautam’s fight reaches parents

A fight starts between Archana Gautam and MC Stan over sweeping. After this Archana says- “I want to speak to all its fans, brother, he did not sweep”. Hearing this, MC Stan gets angry and says- “Tere baap ka naukar hai kya” Archana says “My father is Bigg Boss” Stan says “Bigg Boss teri mom ka ho gaya hai kya” and then Archana She says- “Your mother is there or not… The one who cannot respect other’s mother is ugly” After this there is a lot of ruckus between the two.

Salman Khan has reprimanded Archana Gautam

Let us tell you that Colors TV has released this new promo of Bigg Boss 16, in which a fight was also shown between Archana and MC Stan over the household chores. Archana says that since the day Stan entered the house, he has not done a single duty. Both the contestants are seen using abusive language. Now it has to be seen what action Salman Khan takes on this fight between Archana and MC Stan.

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