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Tems gets slammed for her Oscars dress

Tems gets slammed for her Oscars dress

Netizens slammed Tems for blocking view of her elaborate outfit at the Oscars.

The 27-year-old wore an all-white puffy dress that circled her head and was nominated for Best Original Song for the Black panther 2′s lift me up track.

THE try me The hitmaker has come under fire for blocking the view of the crowd after the photo went viral on social media.

“Imagine waiting your whole life to be at the Oscars and finding yourself sitting behind a stratus cloud,” one joked.

“Guess the people behind the whiteout can’t see the show,” another commented.

“Who should sit behind this woman in the white veil,” said a third user. “Rude.”

“She looks gorgeous but maybe they could have made the top detachable. Her designers should have thought about that,” another chimed in at the designer.

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