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Swara targeted Vivek Agnihotri, said- ‘How poisonous and vile our tongue has become’


There are ideological differences between artists on social media. Recently Vivek Agnihotri targeted a journalist and used objectionable words about him. Now Swara Bhaskar has reacted to this and has directly targeted Vivek.

Swara targeted Vivek Agnihotri, said- 'How poisonous and vile our tongue has become'

Mumbai: Bollywood has never been so outspoken. But since the advent of social media, there are many artists who interact with the fans and keep their words with impunity. During this, there is a difference of opinion among the artists as well. recently Vivek Agnihotri Used derogatory words for a fact checker journalist. He is being trolled on this. Now Swara Bhaskar has also targeted Vivek Agnihotri and shown him the mirror.

Swara Bhaskar has now targeted Vivek Agnihotri and has told that there is a limit to anything. If you follow one kind of ideological approach, then no one has given you the right to say anything to anyone. He said- Vivek Agnihotri targets Muslims on public platforms and calls them bad. Just because they are Muslim. This is an example of how poisonous and vile the social environment of our new India has become.

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Swara’s statement came after an argument between Vivek Agnihotri and fact checker journalist Mohammad Zubair. Actually Vivek Agnihotri was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Award for his film Kashmir Files. On this, Zubair had said that this is not the respect that you are understanding. It is a name similar to the respect Vivek Agnihotri’s film Kashmir Files has got.

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Vivek said bad things to the journalist

Just on this point of Zubair, Vivek was upset and he said bad things about the journalist on Twitter. He said- I do not dislike fact checkers but I get very angry when a puncture repairer tries to call himself a fact checker. You are nothing but a jihadi broker and I know very well who is behind you. Every Jihadi’s day comes and your day is almost here. Since then, this post of Vivek is getting different reactions on Twitter.

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