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Storm Reid says working with Nia Long was amazing

Storm Reid says working with Nia Long was amazing

Storm Reid opened up about working with Nia Long in her recently released film Missing in a recent interview and shared that she had an amazing experience working with the veteran actor, as reported. People.

Storm shared that she grew up watching her Missing Nia co-star and was always a fan of hers. She further added that the veteran actor made her feel supported and loved on the set of their recent movie.

Storm said: “I knew her because I grew up watching her. [I] I’ve been a fan for a very long time. But working with her was amazing. She made me feel so supported and loved on set, and we were able to develop a bond and a relationship before we got on set and before Will and Nick called for action.”

She added: “I’m glad to have her in my corner, she’s the sweetest and, you know, the most beautiful. She’s an icon, [a] Legend. It’s really cool to work with really cool people.”

Storm Reid and Nia Long-starner Missing are in theaters now.

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