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Steve Blackman does not reveal any episodes of season 4

Netflix ‘Umbrella Academy’: Steve Blackman does not reveal any episodes of season 4

netflix The Umbrella Academy showrunner has confirmed that season 4 will only consist of six episodes.

It had already been announced in August that the show would be renewed for a final season, with The Umbrella Academy‘s writers stating that it was always planned to make the show a four-season series.

The Season 4 episode title was revealed in November, The unbearable tragedy of getting what you want.

On Twitter, Blackman revealed that unlike previous seasons of The Umbrella Academy which were based on ten episodes, Season 4 will only have six episodes.

Despite Season 4’s shorter runtime, Blackman reassures the episodes will be great and says fans will love them too.

The Umbrella Academy concluded in Season 3 on a huge cliffhanger, and Season 4 has a lot to unpack in six episodes.

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