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South Korean actor Yoo Ah In tested positive for propofol

The actor is currently under investigation by the Seoul Metropolitan Police.

Korean actor Yoo Ah In tested positive for using the drug Propofol on February 24. It was revealed earlier that he also tested positive for marijuana use.

It was reported that the National Forensic Service had sent her hair sample to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Investigation Unit. The sample that was taken on February 5 tested positive for the use of propofol, according to the report.

Earlier, police began to suspect the actor of illegal Propofol use and searched and seized several doctors’ offices and clinics to find where he got his supplies from. Police suspect he has been receiving the drug since 2021.

For the investigation, the actor had to give both a urine sample and a hair sample, the urine sample of which confirmed the use of marijuana which is illegal for recreational purposes in South Korea. .

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