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South actress Amala Paul did not get entry in the temple, said- ‘Discrimination is happening even in 2023’


South Actress Amala Paul: South actress Amala Paul was not allowed to visit a Hindu temple in Kerala, after which the actress expressed grief that it is disappointing that such religious discrimination is being done in 2023 as well.

South actress Amala Paul did not get entry in the temple, said- 'Discrimination is happening even in 2023'

Amala Paul in Hindu Temple: There are such rules in many temples of South due to which controversy arises. fresh case Kerala Thiruvairanikulam Hindu temple in Ernakulam, where the famous actress of South Amala Paul Had reached to see Mahadev, but she was not allowed inside the temple. The temple administration did not allow him to have darshan and go inside the temple, after which the matter has caught fire. Amala has called it disappointing. Along with this, he has mentioned this incident that happened to him in the visitor’s register.

Amala Paul did not get entry in the temple

Actually this whole matter is of Monday when actress Amala Paul had reached the Shiva temple to visit. The actress was not allowed to enter the temple and was asked by the temple administration to go outside and have darshan. The temple administration, citing Hindu beliefs, said that only Hindus can enter the temple. Amala had darshan in front of the temple from the road itself and returned. Although Amala expressed her feelings in the visitor’s register of the temple and wrote that she did not see the goddess, but she felt as if she had.

Religious discrimination is happening even in 2023

Amala wrote that ‘It is sad and disappointing that religious discrimination is still happening in 2023. I could not have darshan of the Mother Goddess, but I could feel her from a distance. I hope that soon religious discrimination will go away. That time will come and we all will be treated like human beings and not on the basis of religion.

On the other hand, when this was discussed with the temple administration, the people associated with the Thiruvairanikulam Mahadeva Temple Trust said that they have only followed the rules of the temple. It is not that Hindu followers of other religions are not coming to the temple, but when a celebrity comes there is a controversy.

Amala will be seen in the film ‘Bhola’ with Ajay Devgan

Let us tell you that Amala Paul is a famous actress of South India. Amala has given many hit films in Tamil. Amala Paul will soon be seen in Ajay Devgan’s film Bhola. Amala has also worked with stars like Naga Chaitanya, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun.

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