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Sophie Wessex was ‘separated’ from her ‘newborn’ daughter for THIS reason


Sophie Wessex had an agonizing work experience with her daughter, Lady Louise.

Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest daughter-in-law had to part ways with her premature newborn just after birth.

Roya Nikkhah, Royal Editor of The Sunday Times, said: “She was rushed to hospital for an emergency C-section a month early; Lady Louise was born a month premature and [she was] very, very small.

“Sophie was actually separated from her daughter for the first few days after she was born, which she found very, very difficult,” Royal Editor Rebecca English told the Daily Mail.

“A few years ago when she returned to Frimley Park and met one of the midwives responsible for helping her deliver Louise,” Ms English explained. “Sophie just burst into tears; it was clearly still a very emotional experience for her.

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