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Sofia Coppola’s daughter’s ‘grounded’ video goes viral

Sofia Coppola’s daughter’s ‘grounded’ video goes viral

Video of Sofia Coppola’s teenage daughter has gone viral after she was punished for chartering a helicopter with her father’s credit card.

The Oscar-winning actress’ daughter, Romy Mars’ Tiktok video has been reposted on Twitter.

In the viral clip, the 16-year-old weighed in on nepotism as she cooks in the kitchen, which currently has over a million views.

“Make pasta with vodka sauce with me because I’m grounded because I tried to rent a helicopter from New York to Maryland with my dad’s credit card because I wanted to have dinner with my friend from camp “said the teenager.

Later, Romy, while cooking, amusingly said that she didn’t know the difference between garlic and onion.

“Since I’m already being punished because my parents’ biggest rule is that I’m not allowed to have public social media accounts,” the teenager said in the video.

“Here’s why,” she said as she collected the Grammy award from her father. “They don’t want me to be a child nepotist but TikTok isn’t going to make me famous so it doesn’t really matter,” she added.

“This tiktok from sofia coppola’s daughter…it means so much to me,” Savannah captioned the tweet.

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