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Snoop Dogg shares the secret to a happy marriage

Snoop Dogg shares the secret to a happy marriage

American rapper and entertainer Snoop Dogg has revealed the secret to a happy marriage. The 51-year-old “Drop it like it’s hot” singer, who has three children with wife Shante Taylor and a son with ex Laurie Holmond, has been married since 1997.

Speaking about what makes a healthy marriage, he told In Touch us: “Give all they want, get out of the way, say yes, yes, yes. I learned that by saying no, no, no and getting in the way. Experience is a good teacher. We have grew up as a boyfriend and girlfriend to grandparents to soul mates.”

The hip-hop legend is more firm and direct with his children.

“With my kids, I was more firm and direct. I just told them to do something.

“But I have to do extensive therapy work with my grandchildren. Now it’s, ‘No, you have to do this and then that. Do you have all these steps? OK, give me a hug.”

Snoop has previously said that he prioritizes his relationship with his children over everything else.

He said: “Well, I think I’m about seven plus. I have three things I can work on, but I feel like my relationship with my kids is more important than anything. It’s a relationship of friendship. It’s based on me being a father, a mentor and a friend where they can always talk to me and feel like they don’t have to run away from me.”

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