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‘Shazam’ star takes to Twitter amid film bombing

‘Shazam’ star takes to Twitter amid film bombing

Zachary Levi takes an unrestricted approach after Shazam! Fury of the gods bombed at the box office.

On the dismal performance of the DC film, the main star discussed the film with fans on Twitter.

One Twitter user told the 42-year-old, “I’ve loved you since ‘Chuck’ and it’s unfortunate the box office disappointment of ‘Shazam 2’. But I don’t think Snyder fans should be blamed, after all they are a minority, right? I think there are too many chefs in the kitchen for WB. You and David are nice guys.

Levi replied, “Hmmm. Where did you get the idea that I blame Snyder fans? »

Another fan tweeted, “But there’s no denying that right now a lot of Snyder fans are happy that your movie failed and a lot of them wish whatever was to come would fail just not to continue with the films of their director. .”

The Chuck actor replied, “That’s also true. Sad but true. No one can guess how much this actually affects the box office. But I think the biggest problem we have is marketing. C It’s a perfect family movie, and yet a lot of families don’t know it, which is just too bad.

Levi also shed some light on Snyder fans, writing, “I have no problem with Snyder fans. Heck, I’ve been to almost all of his movies myself. My problem is anyone who wants to destroy something. just because it’s not what they want. It comes from hate, not love.

Shazam! Fury of the gods has one of the lowest crit scores.

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