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Shah Rukh Khan to promote Pathan in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’? superstar told


Shahrukh Khan has revealed in his special ASK SRK session on social media whether he is coming this time on Kapil Sharma Show to promote his upcoming film Pathan or not. The film is releasing on 25 January.

Shah Rukh Khan to promote Pathan in 'The Kapil Sharma Show'?  superstar told

Pathan Movie Promotion: There is a lot of curiosity among the fans about Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan. Advance booking of the film has also started and tickets have been sold in large quantities on the first day. Trade pundits are already speculating about its box office figures. But the thing that bothers the most among all this is that according to the size of the film, its promotion has not been seen. Shah Rukh Khan has finally given an answer to the fans that whether he will promote the film on The Kapil Sharma Show or not.

Shahrukh’s ASK SRK session

The bonding of Shah Rukh Khan and Kapil Sharma is not hidden from anyone. The actor has done many big films in his career, for the promotion of which he has reached Kapil Sharma’s comedy show. Despite this, knowing that how important this film is for his career, Shahrukh did not reach the Kapil Sharma Show to promote Pathan. The fans expected that sooner or later this would happen and they would at least come on Kapil Sharma’s show along with the cast of the film and the fans would get a chance for entertainment. But Shahrukh has made it clear in his ASK SRK session that he will not be a part of the show.

Disappointment at the hands of Kapil Sharma fans

During the Ask SRK session, fans asked Shah Rukh Khan whether he was coming to The Kapil Sharma Show this time to promote the film or not. In response to this, Shah Rukh Khan wrote – Brother, I will come directly to the movie hall, see you there. #Pathan. Even though the fans may have felt disappointed after listening to Shahrukh’s words, but their disappointment is just a guest for a few days. Shahrukh’s film will soon be released in theaters, in which Ranga Pathan will be seen eliminating enemies on a secret mission in the spirit of patriotism.

Preparing for release in full swing

Talking about the film, it is preparing to be released loudly. Shahrukh’s fan club has already announced that 50 thousand viewers across the country will see the first day first show of this film. Apart from this, the film is being released on the occasion of 26 January. Looking at all this, it can be said that with this film, Bollywood’s boat will cross at the box office and Shah Rukh Khan will also get a superhit film after a long time.

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