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Serena Williams’ dad Richard thinks Will Smith should be allowed to keep his Oscar


Serena Williams’ father Richard Williams has finally opened up about the Oscars controversy and if he’s upset it overshadowed the success of his biopic King Richard.

The former American tennis coach thinks Emancipation The actor should be allowed to keep his Oscar for the hard work he did in the film.

Even though Williams condemns the violence, he said he won’t judge Smith, who played him in the 2021 biographical sports drama, for his mistake.

“I think whatever [Will] wants to do, that’s what he should do,” said Richard The sun“People are going to think what they want to think.”

“If he apologized [that’s good], but he wants to deal with the situation. I would not judge anyone,” he added.

The 80-year-old continued: “They should also let him keep his Oscar. When a person [has] worked for [it] so much, so leave him alone.

“I really appreciate that he does it so much that I could never criticize him,” he said before adding that a 10-year ban from the Academy was too much as he joked “just two days, that’s enough, that’s a lot”.

He went on to add that he wasn’t mad at Smith for overshadowing the success of his biopic with his title rocking at the ceremony.

“He did a lot for me and my family. I think he did extremely well, it was really wonderful,” he said.

Williams was then asked if he would like to meet Smith, to which he replied, “I really hope so,” saying he would thank him for all his hard work.

“I would just say hello. And maybe I should do…just slap myself,” he added.

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