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Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart bonded over their shared ‘love of music’


Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart have bonded over their shared ‘love for music’, an insider has revealed.

The Only murders in the building the actor and the Chain smokers the star is said to be “having a lot of fun” despite Gomez claiming she’s still single.

“Drew is really happy with Selena, and Selena loves Drew too,” a source told Entertainment tonight.

“They are bonded by their love of music, being in the same industry and strong work ethic,” the source added.

“Drew appreciates that Selena understands his life,” the outlet explained. “Things are going well between them.”

The beloved couple were spotted in New York last month as they walked out of Torrisi Bar & Restaurant in SoHo holding hands.

Earlier, an insider said Lifestyles and Lifestyles that Gomez and Taggar met “a long time ago” through mutual friends, but nothing happened at the time.

“The timing wasn’t right but the pair crossed paths again recently. So far so good,” the source said, adding that the couple’s chemistry was “incredible.”

The insider then shared that the disney the alum and singer “don’t try to hide their romance by sneaking into members-only clubs.”

The couple’s romance is “still pretty early” and they are “having a lot of fun” together. “He totally understands her and they vibe,” the source shared.

“It’s an easy relationship and he’s a calming influence on Selena…the first guy she’s fallen for in a while,” the outlet explained.

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