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‘Scream VI’ Actress Jenna Ortega Opens Up About Her Character Tara’s Romance With Chad

‘Scream VI’ Actress Jenna Ortega Opens Up About Her Character Tara’s Romance With Chad

netflix Wednesday famed actress Jenna Ortega explained Tara and Chad’s budding relationship in the film.

Spoilers: As the Phantom Face Killer’s attacks become more intense, the party grows closer in several ways.

The bond between twins Chad and Mindy has grown stronger than ever, Tara and Sam have grown closer, all four accept Chad’s nerdy but sweet band nickname The Core Four, and, most importantly, Tara and Chad have confirmed. that a romantic relationship is indeed on the horizon.

In a spoiler segment of Collider interview, Ortega was asked about her thoughts on this new element of the film.

“I think it’s just being able to add that layer for Tara, and I think because we’ve only seen her distressed for four hours now, I think it’s really wonderful for her to have a kind of a relief, and especially in a character as lovely and cool as Chad. Also in the fifth, we had no interaction at all,” she said.

She continued, “I don’t think we ever spoke to each other, so I remember Mason and I were really surprised, but also very pleasantly surprised when we started working with each other because luckily we let’s kind of get along.”

“Any type of relationship is good for a person’s growth, so I think seeing Tara have that extra layer as well, I think it adds dimension and makes it more interesting,” she added.

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