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Satish Kaushik shared video from gym, fans said – ‘Effect of friendship with Anil Kapoor’


Satish Kaushik has shared a video on Instagram in which he is seen very dedicated towards his fitness at the age of 66. The director has shared this video from the gym which is becoming very viral on social media.

Satish Kaushik shared video from gym, fans said - 'Effect of friendship with Anil Kapoor'

Satish Kaushik Gym Video: Bollywood’s famous actor-director Satish Kaushik is a lively person and people in the industry respect him a lot. The actor not only acted in films without a film background, but also directed films and wrote dialogues. Satish Kaushik earned a name on his own and today he is the favorite of the audience. The actor is trying to transform himself and seeing his efforts, even the fans are not tired of praising him.

Satish Kaushik became a fitness freak

Satish Kaushik has recently shared a video on Instagram in which he is seen sweating in the gym. It can be seen in the video that he is lifting heavy weights and is seen giving his full efforts. While sharing the heart emoji with the video, he wrote in the caption- ‘I know that one day I will get the fruits of my hard work. Loving myself is my inspiration this year. Fans are commenting on this inspirational post of the actor and are encouraging him. Some people even believe that all this is the effect of the company of Anupam Kher and Anil Kapoor.

People compared with friend Anil Kapoor

While commenting, a fan wrote – Sir, I love this thing of yours. Another person wrote – Keep it up, you will definitely be successful. While some people kept their point in a funny manner as well. One user wrote – It seems that you will give sleepless nights to Anil Kapoor. While another user wrote – It seems that the company of friend Anil Kapoor is having an effect.

Yarana was deposited in Mr. India

Please tell that Satish Kaushik was seen in the film Mr. India with Anil Kapoor. This film was very special in terms of the career of both the actors. Satish Kaushik played an interesting role named Calendar in this movie which is still inscribed in the hearts of people. Satish Kaushik made a comeback in the acting world in the year 2021 with Pankaj Tripathi’s film Kaagaz. In the year 2023, he is a part of many projects.

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