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Sandra Bullock ‘incredibly upset’ after ex-husband Jesse James’ son arrested

Sandra Bullock ‘incredibly upset’ after ex-husband Jesse James’ son arrested

Sandra Bullock was not happy after finding out her ex-husband Jesse James’ son, Jesse Eli James Jr., had been arrested for allegedly breaching a restraining order.

Jesse was sentenced to two days in jail for allegedly beating his girlfriend Lucee Peterson and breaching a protective order under Speed ​​cameras online.

“Sandra is incredibly upset with someone she cared for and raised because a mother might be able to hurt another woman,” a source close to The Proposal star said.

Jesse also sent chilling messages to his ex-girlfriend after she was arrested for domestic violence in 2021.

“You are still my daughter! I’m not looking for anyone and you better not be ah—behind my back! one of his disturbing text messages sent to Lucee read.

Sandra married Jesse in 2005 after dating him for two years. However, after discovering that her husband had cheated on her with several women, the actor separated from him in 2010.

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