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Said “He finds his groove” on the drums


David Foster has praised his toddler, Rennie, for skillfully drumming in a recent video he shared on Instagram.

On Sunday, January 22, David Foster shared a video on Instagram of his grandson Rennie impressively exploring a top cymbal pedal while tapping on his drums.

According to People, the music producer captioned the video, “Finding your beat. 23 months [ a drum emoji].”

Celebrity friends expressed their astonishment in the comments section, with Kate Hudson writing: ‘Amazing! Reminds me of Bingo then’, Bingo is the nickname of Hudson’s eleven-year-old son Bingham, who she spoke of also picking up drums. at an early age.

David’s 40-year-old daughter Erin joked in the comments section, “We get it, your son has all the musical talent I didn’t have!!”

Katherine McPhee had earlier spoken of her son’s love of instruments, “It makes sense that he’s a musician,” the To break the star told the outlet. “He is definitely obsessed with the drums! Or imaginary batteries, for that matter.

Check it out:

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