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‘Rust’ production to continue despite Alec Baldwin’s criminal charges: Insider


After Alec Baldwin was charged with two counts of manslaughter following tragic events Rust filming that cost cinematographer Halyna Hutchins her life, it has now been reported that production on the film will continue.

An insider said The New York Times that new locations in California are being considered in order to resume production of the ill-fated film with security measures in place and a ban on live ammunition and working weapons.

The It is complicated The star and director Joel Souza, who was injured in the incident, agreed to stay on board even after the film’s actor and gunsmith who was in charge of the weapons on set, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, been slapped with criminal charges.

On Thursday, the Santa Fe County District Attorney’s Office announced that Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed would face criminal charges in Hutchins’ death.

Following the announcement, Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas, said the charges “misrepresent the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins and represent a terrible miscarriage of justice.”

“Mr. Baldwin had no reason to believe there was a live ammunition in the gun – or anywhere on set,” Nikas told the outlet. “He relied on the professionals he was working with, who assured him the gun had no live ammunition.”

“We will fight these charges and we will win,” added the lawyer.

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