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Rumors fly after bizarre tweet


Rumors are circulating that British-American influencer Andrew Tate has been taken to hospital after his health deteriorated in the Romanian prison where he was held following his arrest.

Fans of the former kickboxing champ have been left worried after a tweet confirmed he had been taken to hospital with health issues.

The Tate brothers have been arrested after apparently getting caught up in a wiretapping scandal.

According to reports, the victim was seen wearing a wire and was apparently able to record the controversial figure admitting to allegations of money laundering and fraud, as well as highlighting the mistreatment of women in the framework of his employment.

As soon as the Romanian authorities arrested the Tate brothers, reports circulated that the influencer had been taken to hospital for a medical emergency.

Following the reports, Tate’s Twitter account shared a cryptic message stating that he is “hard to kill”.

There are also reports that Tate was taken out of the capital’s central police prison and transferred to a hospital because when he was incarcerated, according to procedures, he underwent a medical examination and the doctor in the prison asked him if he suffered from any ailments.

It is worth mentioning here that Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested by the Romanian police for sex trafficking, rape and conspiracy to form a criminal group.

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