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RRR created history in this theater of Los Angeles, all tickets sold out in 98 seconds


The dhamal of SS Rajamouli’s film RRR is being seen everywhere. When the film was released, it earned tremendously worldwide. Now the film is getting respect everywhere. It has received nominations in 2 categories for the Golden Globe Award.

RRR created history in this theater of Los Angeles, all tickets sold out in 98 seconds

RRR in Golden Globe: SS Rajamouli is one of the few film directors whose films are known for creating records. Even when he made Bahubali, such a film was not made in the history of Indian cinema and now when he has made RRR, the film is earning a worldwide name. The film has received two nominations for the Golden Globe Award. Fans have hopes that this film will definitely win the award. It is being praised everywhere. Now the film was released in the Chinese Theater of Los Angeles, which saw a large number of people.

The cast of the film was also present

Junior NTR, Ram Charan and SS Rajamouli were also seen on this special occasion. The film was screened at the world’s largest IMAX theater and according to reports, the enthusiasm of the people to watch it was so high that long queues had to be formed at the ticket counter. If reports are to be believed, all the tickets for the film were sold out within 100 seconds.

This information was also shared by the theatre. It was said on behalf of the theater – it is official and also historical. @ChineseTheatres @IMAX sold out all tickets of RRR movie in 98 seconds. Never in history have tickets for any Indian film been sold so quickly because a film like RRR has never been made. Our thanks to SS Rajamouli, Ram Charan and Junior NTR. Let us tell you that many Hollywood stars have seen this movie in the meantime and they are not tired of praising it.

Second most successful film of 2022

There is a lot of discussion about this film on social media as well. The film first entertained the audience of the country, now it is hoisting its success all over the world. In the year 2022, this movie proved to be the second highest grossing film from India. Now it is being seen in big award shows as well. Let us inform that the Golden Globe Award is to be organized on January 10 at 8 pm, for which the fans have been waiting for a long time.

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