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Royals must play ‘victim card’ against Prince Harry


Prince Harry is said to be in line for his ‘righteous deserts’ because experts believe the Royal Family should beat him at his own victim game.

English TV presenter, Carole Malone, brought this claim to light.

She made those confessions in a room to Express United Kingdom and started it all by bashing Prince Harry for his ruthless attacks on the Cabinet.

He said: ‘I truly believe the British people will never forgive him if he forgives Harry and brings him back. Because having seen the man he is – they don’t want him here anymore. They believe that his cruelty, his toxicity, his betrayal have no place in the royal family. Already older monarchists are starting to question Buckingham Palace’s silence saying what’s wrong with these people for taking it all.

‘As for the younger ones – they don’t have any real history with the Royal Family, they haven’t followed them over the years like the older generations and are likely to believe Harry when he laments:’ I’m the victim here’ unless they hear the other side of the story. But so far, there’s only one side of the story in the public domain – and it’s Harry’s.

“Then the silence must end. Because if the family doesn’t fight back, there will be another reveal truckload coming in Spare 2 at the end of which their reputation will be in the gutter.

“The family must refute the accusations that they froze Meghan, that she was unwelcome. They must come to terms with the allegations of racism. They must play the victim card just like Harry did because that I believe they are really the victims here. They should say that Meghan came into the Royal Family thinking she was going to be a famous global campaigner, which could never have happened.

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