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Royal family, the end of the monarchy begins with the memoirs of Prince Harry?


King Charles’ biographer has issued fresh warnings to the royal family, saying Prince Harry’s memoir could be a “beginning of the end” for the royal family and the monarchy.

Royal author Catherine Mayer believes that anger over racism, misogyny and royal family wealth can undermine public consent to the monarchy.

The royal analyst fears the Duke of Sussex’s attacks on the Royal Family’s behavior in the new memoir could be ‘absolutely catastrophic’.

Mayer, whose book The Heart of a King was published in 2015, believes the devastating implications of the attacks on society and Harry’s palace are being ignored.

Harry’s book focused on personality clashes that could threaten the constitutional monarchy, whether or not the British public calls for such a change, according to the biographer.

Mayer, according to The Guardian, claimed: “This may be something that will mark the beginning of the end of the monarchy, and that is what we should be discussing. This is important, given the lack of trust in the state at the moment. and an upsurge in right-wing politics.”

“Royal family members have become our proxies for anger over racism, misogyny and wealth. It is, after all, an institution that represents inequality, so there are huge things at stake” , according to Mayer.

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