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Rolling Stone magazine had to ignore this singer, fans protested fiercely


Some people are getting angry about the famous magazine Rolling Stone. Actually this magazine recently released the list of 200 Greatest Singers. Canada’s famous singer Celine Dion was ignored in this list. Now the fans are seen expressing their opposition on this.

Rolling Stone magazine had to ignore this singer, fans protested fiercely

Debate is always seen among music lovers as to which singer is the best. Different types of lists are drawn on this. But these lists sometimes invite controversy as well. The same is being seen recently. In fact, Rolling Stone magazine has come out with a list of the top 200 singers in the world. Famous singers from many countries were taken in this. Lata Mangeshkar was also taken from India. But a singer named Celine Dion remained missing in this list. Regarding this, his fans protested outside the office of Rolling Stone.

Protest outside the office

According to Variety’s reports, 15 fans of Celine Dion traveled from Montreal to New York and protested in front of Rolling Stone magazine’s office. They had also brought some posters on which it was written- ‘Rolling Stone you have hit an iceberg’. It has clearly become clear that the fans of the veteran singer didn’t like her being ignored. These fans are on Facebook by the name of The Redheads and promote Celine’s songs.

Lata Mangeshkar was also included in the list

People believe that this list is completely biased. Only singers of America have been included in this and famous singers of many countries have been ignored. The list also includes the name of Madonna who is heard all over the world. Please tell that only Lata Mangeshkar from India was included in this list and Nusrat Fateh Ali’s name is included in this list from Pakistan. even in pakistan

Who is singer Celine Dion?

Talking about Celine, she is a famous Canadian singer and she has sung songs in many languages. He has sung songs in languages ​​like Japanese, Chinese, Latin, German and Spanish. Singer has also been awarded with many honors. But the biggest respect for any singer is the love of his fans. This is the crazy fan following of Celine, who are protesting in her honor.

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