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Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse Clear Couple Goals at JFK Airport


Robert Pattinson was spotted with his sweetheart Suki Waterhouse at JFK airport amid allegations that she was pushing the actor into marriage.

In the images obtained by Daily mailthe beloved duo can be seen exuding couple goals in coordinated outfits as they were seen making their way through the airport.

The Batman The actor looked dashing in a gray and white T-shirt paired with a black jacket with a baseball cap and Adidas shoes.

Meanwhile, Waterhouse wore a sleek beige knee-length jacket with black stockings and a cardigan. She also carried a guitar on her shoulder while wearing chic sunglasses.

The couple’s appearance comes after an insider spilled Speed ​​cameras online that Pattinson is still unsure if he should propose to his girlfriend of four years after his past painful experiences in relationships.

An insider told the publication that the Love, Rosie the actor got tired of waiting for him to pop the question and started pushing Twilight star for marriage.

“She’s not issuing an ultimatum — not yet anyway — but she’s bringing up the subject of marriage and dabbling in it,” the source revealed.

“They seem so good for each other, but he’s still on the fence,” the insider added. “Rob knows Suki is a great girl and he’s lucky to have her.”

“But something is stopping him from taking the plunge,” the source said while adding that Pattinson’s “past relationships have left some scars.”

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