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Riley Keough ‘deeply upset’ by how things are ‘unfolding’ amid Priscilla Presley trial


Riley Keough has mixed feelings amid her legal battle with her grandmother Priscilla Presley over her mother Lisa Marie Presley’s estate.

According to a source who said entertainment tonight“family drama is the last thing Riley wants to deal with” and that she is “deeply upset with the way things are going”.

In recent reports, Lisa Marie Presley’s ex Michael Lockwood won custody in a short hearing at a Los Angeles family courtroom this week, officially marking the end of his seven-year battle for child custody with the late singer.

That being said, the source added that “she still hopes to be an integral part of Harper and Finley’s life.”

Additionally, a second source said, “Riley hopes all is well with her family.”

The developments come as Priscilla Presley challenges in court the “authenticity and validity” of Riley’s appointment as Lisa Marie’s trustee, saying “there are many issues surrounding it”.

A source previously told the outlet that it’s been a “very tense and heartbreaking few weeks” for Riley and Priscilla as they mourn the loss of Lisa Marie.

Amid the loss of her mother and now embroiled in a lawsuit from her grandmother, Riley has found solace in the success of her new show, Daisy Jones and the Six.

A source said HEY that the show “brought a lot of joy into her life during a very difficult time”.

The insider added, “She is extremely happy that she had a great reaction from the public and loves that many are connected to the series. This project was very special for her because it reminded her very much of her family ties to the industry. music and was an ode to his grandfather, Elvis, in many ways. Riley felt deeply connected to the project and it was an exciting time to see it come to life.

Right now, the 33-year-old actress is “focused on her family and her work right now,” the source said. “It was a very difficult year for Riley with the death of her mother and the raising of a little girl while working. Her husband has been the greatest support system and Riley owes him the world.

Riley secretly welcomed her first child with husband Ben Smith-Petersen, revealing the news at Lisa Marie’s funeral in January.

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