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Riley Keough admits it was ‘easier’ to ‘play dumb’ before her Cannes debut

Riley Keough admits it was ‘easier’ to ‘play dumb’ before her Cannes debut

Riley Keough shared her experience in an interview with Net to wear to have its first director, war ponypresented at the Cannes Film Festival 2022.

That same year, Baz Luhrmann premiered his multi-award winning film about his grandfather, Elvis Presley.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” recalls Keough, whose gritty drama war pony received the Camera d’Or for best first film. “It’s so crazy to have your first film in Cannes. And having Elvis there in the same year was so meaningful.

Keough is currently starring in Prime Video’s adaptation of Fleetwood Mac’s book, Daisy Jones and the Six.

The actress was 20 when she made her film debut in runaways (about the all-female 1970s rock band), playing Dakota Fanning’s sister, and she’s been working steadily ever since. She had decided to embark on an acting career after a stint as a model as a teenager.

Her big break came when she appeared in 2015 after her hit film Mad Max: Fury Road independent film follow-up Zola in 2020.

For Keough, being recognized at Cannes meant more than just having her name on a trophy; it was a question of being finally validated, details the outlet.

Keough admitted that in the past she “found it easier to disengage and goof around. I think it’s years of being a woman, saying, ‘Please listen, I know what I’m talking about’ – and then it comes down to nothing… So it was a moment, as a woman, where you go, ‘F–k you’. I am not here by chance. I worked a lot to be here. »

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