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Riddhi Dogra and Anshuman Jha’s ‘Lakdabagha’ trailer is packed with action, emotion and romance


Lakadbaggha Trailer: The trailer of Anshuman Jha and Riddhi Dogra’s upcoming film ‘Lakadbagha’, full of action, emotion and romance, has been released on Tuesday.

Riddhi Dogra and Anshuman Jha's 'Lakdabagha' trailer is packed with action, emotion and romance

Ridhi Dogra And Anshuman Jha Lakadbaggha Trailer: Popular web series ‘Asur’ fame actress Riddhi Dogra upcoming movie of ‘hyena’ The trailer has been released. The film is based on Animal Love, in which apart from Riddhi Dogda, actors Anshuman JhaMilind Soman Paresh Pahuja is in an important role. The trailer that came out looks very powerful.

The trailer of ‘Lakdabagha’ has been released on Tuesday, in which Anshuman Jha is seen doing tremendous action. Along with the action in the trailer, there is a lot of tempering of romance and emotion.

Anshuman’s animal love seen in the trailer

In this film, Bollywood veteran Milind Soman is in the role of Anshuman Jha’s father. At the same time, Anshuman is playing the role of a boy named Arjun Bakshi, who has a lot of love for animals. He cannot see any dumb person in trouble. He has a lot of sympathy for animals and he keeps fighting for animals since childhood. At the same time, Riddhi Dogra is playing the role of a CBI officer named Akshara.

It is shown in the trailer that Anshuman’s dog named Shonku goes missing. Whereas when Anshuman searches for him, during that time he comes to know about the smuggling of animals. Anshuman is also seen doing tremendous action in the trailer, due to which this trailer seems very powerful.

movie releasing on this day

Along with the powerful trailer, the release date of the film has also come to the fore. ‘Lakdbaghga’ is scheduled to release in theaters on January 13, 2023. This film is directed by Victor Mukherjee. While playing the lead role in the film, Anshuman is also the producer of the film. Before this, Anshuman has worked in Rajkumar Rao’s films like ‘Love Sex Aur Dhokha’ and ‘Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele’.

However, this trailer of ‘Lakdabagha’ is looking very impressive, which has increased the curiosity of the people as soon as it is released. Users are liking this trailer a lot. Now it has to be seen how amazing this film shows after its release.

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