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Reese Witherspoon offers savvy career change advice to young people: Video

Reese Witherspoon offers savvy career change advice to young people: Video

Reese Witherspoon recently gave advice for young people to change careers with confidence on social media.

Wednesday, the Revenge of a Blonde The star took to Instagram and posted a clip in which she gave “work advice” to a young woman who wanted to change careers.

The Sweet Home Alabama The actress revealed what the girl asked her: “Where do you find the confidence to do this, to think you’re qualified?”

To that, Reese replied, “You don’t have to be confident in yourself to think you’re qualified.”

She continued, “You just have to have the confidence to start.”

Adding to this, The wild The actress commented, “Because once you get there and you start doing it and you start doing a good job, even if you make mistakes, you’re going to gain confidence.”

“So don’t wait until you have all the confidence in the world to start something,” remarked the Back at home actress.

At the end, she added, “Just Do It.”

One user said: “As a young woman who is about to take a cheeky leap into a new career space… thank you Reese. I needed this.

“I’m starting to think of these little life tips like the Reese pieces I didn’t know I needed – thank you,” another noted.

Earlier, Reese posted a behind-the-scenes photo of The morning show while filming season three on the photo sharing app.

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