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‘Rebel Moon’ Star Corey Stoll Raves About Zack Snyder’s Work Ethic

‘Rebel Moon’ Star Corey Stoll Raves About Zack Snyder’s Work Ethic

rebel moon Star Corey Stoll gushed about Zack Snyder’s work ethic, dedication and enthusiasm, while calling him “an acting director”.

The 56-year-old filmmaker is the director of the next sci-fi film rebellious moon, which is set to hit Netflix in December this year.

In a recent interview with Collider, Stoll, who also starred in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniatalked about Snyder’s work on his sci-fi epic.

THE Card castle alum revealed that the film’s cast and crew would “go to the ends of the earth for Snyder.”

Stoll couldn’t help but gush at the director’s work ethic, enthusiasm, and approachability.

This latest validation for the project director comes after Stoll’s recent comments rebel moon co-starring Cleopatra Coleman.

“He’s there in the trenches with everyone. As soon as you step onto his set, you feel like everyone, cast and crew, would go to any length of the world for him because he is there covered in dust, 110 degrees in the desert, working those crazy hours with a smile on his face and so it’s really a joy to see something on this scale, working on this scale, but with this sense of playfulness and the enthusiasm he has,” she said.

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