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Rakhi Sawant broke down after seeing her mother’s condition, cried in the hospital, said – pray


Rakhi Sawant’s mother Jaya Sawant’s health is very bad. He has brain tumor and cancer. He is admitted in a hospital in Mumbai.

Rakhi Sawant broke down after seeing her mother's condition, cried in the hospital, said - pray

Rakhi Sawant Mother Health: Rakhi Sawant The condition of mother Jaya Sawant is critical. He is admitted in a hospital in Mumbai. Rakhi has told that her mother is fighting a battle with brain tumor and cancer. Seeing such condition of mother, Rakhi broke down and started crying a lot. He has given information about his mother by sharing a video on Instagram. It is seen in the video that Rakhi’s mother is admitted in the hospital in a critical condition.

Sharing the video, Rakhi said, “I came out of Bigg Boss Marathi at night. I need all your prayers. Mother’s health is not good. He is in the hospital…please pray for him…mummy is fighting cancer. It has just come to know that he has brain tumor as well as cancer.

celebs are praying for recovery

Sharing the post, Rakhi wrote, “Mother is in the hospital. His condition is not good. Pray for them. Many celebs commented on Rakhi’s post and prayed for her mother. Artists like Mahima Chowdhary, Pavitra Punia, Rahul Vaidya, Sofia Hayat, Salman Sheikh and Delnaaz Irani prayed for Jaya Sawant’s speedy recovery.

what did the doctor say

Rakhi is seen crying profusely in the video and requesting to pray for her mother. In the video, a person named Rakesh is seen telling that Jaya Sawant’s left side is paralyzed. In the video, doctors are seen telling that the cancer has spread to the lungs. He says that he has done some tests, whose reports will come by Friday, after that it will be known how much radiation he needs. The doctor said that the cancer has increased a lot, so the operation cannot be done at this time.

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