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Putin may change his mind if he reads this poem by Gopaldas Neeraj on the Third World War


Gopaldas Neeraj wrote many romantic songs for Bollywood. He also received awards for writing songs in many films. But there are many such poems of his which are no less than a gift in themselves. Gopaldas Neeraj had written a tremendous poem even on the possibility of the third world war.

Gopaldas Neeraj Birth Anniversary: ​​Gopaldas Neeraj is counted among the greatest poets of his era. He wrote songs for many films in Bollywood, but his personality cannot be gauged from his songs written only in Bollywood. He was a revolutionary poet and each of his poems is a philosophy of life in itself. Today, terror is spread all over the world. One country fighting with another country. In the era of competition, people suffer from the feeling of jealousy.

great poem on unity

In such a situation there should be some country which talks about unity. And India has always been talking about unity. A few years back, Gopaldas Neeraj had written a poem which he recited in a program. This poem is based on the possibilities of the third world war. If Russian President Vladimir Putin reads this poem, he may leave the battlefield. Let’s read this poem of Gopaldas Neeraj and promote unity by remembering him on his birth anniversary. There can be no better tribute to him than this.

i wonder if there’s a third war

I wonder if there is a third war, what will happen to the new crop of this new morning, I am wondering if there is blood on the ground, what will happen to the hustle and bustle of this Rang Mahal

These smiling rose-smelling meadows, these buds of magic-scattering form, these merrily swinging ears of paddy, these lusciously blushing wheat lanes

This slow laughter of the pomegranates, this increased pangs of the rich, this flowing of the waves of the rivers, this song of the waterfalls on the water’s guitar

The mischievous bravado of the eyes, the noise of the parrots, the humming of beetles at the dawn of the peacock, the crackle of lightning, the sparkle of the clouds, the tinkling of the crackling of fireflies

These babies squealing with milk, a troop of jawans jumping fearlessly, these faces blushing like the moon, anklets stealing the music

This call of Allah, the beat of this drum, the teachings of Sura Meera, Kabira’s bani, the teasing of the slippers on the panghat, Radha’s inattention to Kanha

Will silence spread death on all of them?

The one who has just come home with vermilion, whose hands are still wet with henna, yet has not been able to come out of the veil, whose face is still yellow from turmeric

Will her dear sister take off her sari and go and sell bangles in the markets every day, from whose breast motherhood has now burst, will that mother bury the milk in the tombs

Will there be a shower of bullets in monsoon, what will destroy the swing in Amrai, will embers bloom in the branches of the park, will hatred sound in the clarinet of bumblebees

Chanakya Marx Angel Lenin Gandhi Subhash whose voices the centuries repeat Tulsi Barjil Homer Gorky Shah Milton the rocks whose songs still sing

I am wondering if their pen will not wake up, when the huts will be set on fire, will their graves not change when their daughter will sleep on the road hungry

When Asia will suffer with a wounded chest, then how will Valmiki’s patience not waver, when the verses of the hungry Quran die, then what will the blood of Firdausi say?

Like this, like this, like this, like this juice, like this, the body shakes like this, the mind shakes like this;

Drums ring like this, manjire jingles like this, pejniyas laugh like this, jhumkas jhoom like this, kiss cheeks and hair like this, lullabies sing like this, Rasbatiyas

This is how the shadows of Kajli Akulaye changed, this is how Saawariya recited birha bol, this is how Holi lit up, Diwali smiled, every garden blossomed like this

This is how the stoves burn with ashes and remain hot, this is how Mahavira continues to offer food, this is how boiled pulses are churned, this is how the meera of the house is sung on the mill

Chariot constructions have progressed a lot, will not be blocked by bombardment; Peaceful martyrs camp on every floor, now there will be no war, now there will be no war

Gopaldas Neeraj was invited to a special program involving famous poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan, where he gave this message of unity to the world and gave this poem as a gift. Regards to Gopaldas Neeraj, born on January 4, 1925 in Etawah.

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