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Princess Diana ‘the math was wrong’, there weren’t ‘three’ in her marriage: Prince Harry


Prince Harry corrects his mother, Princess Diana’s infamous line in his memoir ‘Spare’.

During her interview with Martin Bashir for the BBC, Diana expressed remorse over her split from then-Prince Charles, noting that there were “three people” in her marriage.

With the statement, the former Princess of Wales took a swipe at Camilla Parker, in addition to herself and Charles.

Now speaking of the same statement, Harry notes why Princess Diana was wrong.

He writes in his book: “My legendary mother said there were three people in her marriage. But his math was wrong.

“She left Willy and me out of the equation.

Harry adds: “We didn’t understand what was going on between her and dad, of course, but we sensed enough, we felt the presence of the Other Woman, because we suffered the effects of it downstream. Willy had harbored suspicions about the Other Woman for a long time, which troubled him, tormented him, and when these suspicions were confirmed, he felt an immense guilt for having done nothing, said nothing, sooner.

“I was too young, I think, to have any suspicions. But I couldn’t help feeling the lack of stability, the lack of warmth and love, in our home. Now, with Mom away, the math was turning hard in Dad’s favor. He was free to see the Other Woman, openly, as often as he wanted. But seeing was not enough. Dad wanted to talk about it publicly. He wanted to be honest. And the first step towards that goal was to bring ‘the boys’ into the fold,” he notes.

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