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Princess Diana Raised Prince Harry Better: ‘Be in Control!’


Princess Diana’s former butler has just slammed Prince Harry for his attacks on the monarchy since he was ‘better brought up’.

This admission was made by Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, during his appearance on the GB news board with host Dan Wootton.

Mr Burrell said, saying: ‘We wouldn’t want Harry and Meghan to be hurt, but if they just kept quiet and lived a dignified life, and did the job they were supposed to do….’

“I know Americans love the royal family, so why would Harry want to destroy and dismantle the very institution he came from, that his mother loved?”

During the conversation, Mr Burell also asked if the monarchy is “really as big” as people believe.

To this, he responded by saying, “I know the situation! I know the establishment! Don’t talk to me about the institution, I lived there.

“I lived there for 21 years, I know how Harry and Meghan came into the royal family.”

“I know exactly what the Queen did for Harry and Meghan, she bent over backwards to try to accommodate their every whim and wish.”

“But nothing was good enough. ‘Harry should know better, he was brought up better.’

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