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Princess Charlotte follows in Kate Middleton’s fashion footsteps: DETAILS


Princess Charlotte is following in her mother Kate Middleton’s footsteps when it comes to her fashion choices!

According to reports, Kate was spotted in British Lapland with her family, including husband Prince William and children George, Charlotte and Louis, and one thing caught the attention of royal fans; Princess Charlotte’s winter boots which are known to be Kate’s favorite brand!

The Wales family were spotted by fans on their mini vacation getaway, and according to Hello magazine, Princess Charlotte was seen wearing a pair of tall Penelope Chilvers boots with a navy anorak and burgundy leggings.

Charlotte’s ‘Mini Me Tasset Boot’ in the color ‘Conker Brown’, according to Hello, are just a mini-version of Penelope Chilvers’ ‘Long Leather Tassel Boots’, which she’s been wearing for 20 years!

The Princess of Wales was first seen wearing them while still studying with Prince William at St Andrew’s University. Since then, she has worn them many times with the featured boots on royal tours, official engagements and even festivals.

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