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Princess Anne ‘surprisingly’ had ‘instant bond’ with Meghan Markle


Princess Anne, 72, younger sister of King Charles, is known as the hardest working royal and for her “no frills” attitude.

In 2022, she completed 214 engagements, while Charles came second, completing 181 royal engagements, 33 less than his sister.

According to a body language expert, royal fans might be surprised that she gets along well with Meghan Markle, despite the fact that she stepped down from royal duties in 2020.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, analyzed the relationship between Princess Anne and the Duchess of Sussex for Express.co.uk.

According to the expert, Anne and Meghan’s relationship “hasn’t really been looked into before” but that the “results are surprising”.

“Anne doesn’t really have a history of kissing, mentoring or even befriending young royal wives,” the body language expert said. “Many of his rituals with wives like Diana suggested mild forms of what looked like potential irritation.”

According to the expert, Anne did not form a close bond with her sisters-in-law, Diana and Sarah Ferguson, who were royal wives, which links her to former Combinations extraordinary actress.

“Anne is a fan of stoicism and not much of a fan of fashion icons or celebrity fame, so a beautiful Hollywood actress with no apparent interest in horses like Meghan might not have been a top choice in terms of instant bonding and reporting,” Judi explained.

Judi maintained that Anne was able to look past all of these things with the Duchess.

“Meghan turned out to be so much more than that initial profile,” she explained. “His passion for his causes and his eloquence, along with what looks like a shared sense of humor, resulted in poses where both women seemed genuinely happy in each other’s company.”

The expert described Anne as having “a smile with rounded cheeks and narrowed eyes that suggests genuine pleasure”. Meanwhile, Meghan’s body language has been described as “a mixture of flattering politeness and amusingly playful intimacy”.

“His eye contact and mirror as they lean in together to chat show undivided attention,” Judi said. “Meghan performs a leg spread and a small hand barrier to show both interest and a degree of polite caution.”

Additionally, her “raised eyebrows and gaping smile on the pews suggest she finds Anne really good company”.

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