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Prince William praises his wife


Prince William has been praised for what his admirers say is a fine mention as an outgoing Colonel of the Iris Guards from his wife ‘Colonel Catherine’.

He spoke of his pride in being their Colonel and his sadness at being handed the role, but said his wife would be a “committed, focused and incredibly loyal 11th Colonel”.

Kate Middleton said she ‘couldn’t be prouder’ and was in awe of their enthusiasm, pride, incredible dedication – and irreverent, glorious sense of humour.

As the text of William’s speech emerged online, supporters of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were quick to point out what they called the hypocrisy of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ supporters.

Meghan and Harry’s supporters have said the Harrys attack and mock online every time he praises his wife, but William is admired for his praise of Kate Middleton.

Here is the full text of William’s speech:

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