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Prince William must ‘challenge Harry’s version of the truth’


Prince William has just been urged to hold Prince Harry accountable for his “vindictive actions”.

English TV presenter Carole Malone has brought the shocking allegation to light.

She made those confessions in a room to Express United Kingdom and started it all by bashing Prince Harry for his ruthless attacks on the Cabinet.

He said: “As for William, he should tell his truth about his brother Harry. How sad it is that even after years of therapy he can harbor such anger, such toxicity. He needs to vigorously challenge everything the Sussexes have said, but not in a vindictive way, but in a way that Harry needs to be responsible because right now he’s not responsible for anything.

“William must challenge Harry’s version of the truth, because without challenge it will go down in history as the truth. And I think it will end up destroying the monarchy. Do King Charles and Prince William really want each other sit noble and dignified while it is happening before their eyes?

“If not, they need to act. Now!” Malone also added before concluding.

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