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Prince William, Kate Middleton will never ascend the throne?


Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year in September, the royal family has been in the news about the future of the monarchy.

Some are suggesting King Charles, 74, abdicate so his eldest son Prince William will cut Prince Harry from the succession, while others are predicting the Prince of Wales will never become king.

It is also claimed that the British public is turning against the royal family, and Kate and William will never become monarchs.

While others believe the Prince of Wales may be Britain’s last ruling monarch and his son Prince George will never be king.

Hilary Mantel, author and history writer in an interview last year, said she believed Prince George would never take the throne and that his father, Prince William, would be the last king.

Meanwhile, media quoting fortune tellers, reports that King Charles may abdicate from the throne due to his advanced age and the Prince of Wales will not take his place. In the line of succession, William is next but some mysterious reasons won’t make him the new king. If rumors are to be believed, William will not succeed his father as monarch.

Since the publication of the Duke’s book, fears have grown about the lasting damage to the reputation of the Firm. The latest YouGov surveys claim the company’s stance has taken a hit, with the British public expressing pride in the monarchy falling from 55% in September to 43% in January.

In light of the numbers, Graham Smith, an anti-monarchy campaigner and spokesperson for Republic, said there was “every chance” William would never ascend the throne. He told Express UK: “The chances of George taking the throne are even lower. We have 100 years of elderly men ahead of us, as Willliam will probably be in his 60s when he becomes king and George is well into his 60s. .”

According to Richard Fitzwilliams – a royal expert, the latest polls were “worrying”, but said this was just one of many crises society has faced in recent decades and will recover as she did so after Princess Diana died in 1997.

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